Wine Tasting for Beginners

For beginners, identifying aromas and flavours in wine can be difficult. To help you on your wine tasting journey, we've put together a collection of resources covering the three stages of wine tasting so you can approach each wine and analyse its appearance, aroma, and taste. Next to this, we've created a glossary of wine tasting words and a table of typical aroma families in wine, which will help you identify and describe what you're tasting. And if you're truly serious about tasting wine, we've created a downloadable tasting notes template - a great idea if you ever want to look back to see what you did and didn't like. Your wine tasting journey starts here!

How to Taste Wine

Discover what the appearance of wine can reveal and learn how to analyse aroma and taste with these handy, in-depth guides. Follow the links below to get started.

How to Taste Wine - Appearance

How to Taste Wine - Aroma

How to Taste Wine - Taste

Glossary of Wine Tasting Words

A glossary of commonly used wine tasting words that will prove helpful if you're at a loss to describe the aroma, character, and structure of your wine.

Aroma Families in Wine

Grouped by colour and category, this table of aroma families in wine will help you identify where specific aromas and flavours come from.

Wine Tasting Notes Template

If you're serious about tasting your wine, it's a good idea to keep tasting notes. We've created a printable template to help you make the most of your wine tasting.