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Piedmont Wines


Piedmont lays claim to Italy's largest number of DOC/G wines and accounts for the largest proportion percentage-wise of DOC/G wine in Italy, making it stand out as a superior wine-growing region - no wine can be bottled as IGT here. Piedmont's climate can be broadly described as continental, but its varied geographical and topographical features generate many different macro and meso-climates. Piedmont's reputation has been built on Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Moscato Bianco, but it's also home to a plethora of other lesser-known grape varieties that are held in high esteem. Red grapes, such as Freisa, Brachetto, and Grignolino, although representing a small proportion of the total plantings, enjoy a well-deserved reputation, not to mention the Dolcetto. Piedmont is also home to a number of white grapes of distinction, such as the Cortese, which is expressed in the popular Gavi DOCG, Arneis from the Roero hills, often referred to as Nebbiolo Bianco, and the increasingly sought after Timorasso and Erbaluce.