Nero d'Avola

Nero d’Avola, also known as Calabrese, is a traditional Italian grape widely planted in Sicily with disputed origins. Although Sicily has the highest world production of Nero d’Avola, it is believed that the grape originated from the neighbouring region of Calabria. Until the late 1900s, Nero d’Avola was mainly used in blends, often outside Italy, to provide structure to lighter wines. At the turn of the century, Sicilian producers underwent a Nero d’Avola renaissance, restoring this grape to its rightful place on the world scene. Full-bodied with high tannins and moderate acidity, Nero d’Avola wines are typically rich with ripe black fruit and cherry flavours. Hints of leather, tobacco and spice are also found in this grape.

Wines Made with the Nero d'Avola Grape

Nero d'Avola, as a blend or single varietal, can be found in these wines.