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white wine

  1. Producing White Wine

    Over the next few weeks we will be looking at wine production techniques.

    Today we’re focusing on the production of white wine.


    Which grapes for which wine?

    Two factors determine if a white, red or rosé is produced: whether the grape does or doesn’t have colourants and the duration of contact between the grape juice (known as must), and the grape solids, including the skin or film. This process of contact is known as maceration.


    White grapes

    White grapes with colourless pulp and skin are always used to produce white wine. Only the must will be used for fermentation without maceration.


    Red grapes with colourless pulp

    Red, white and rosé can be made from these grapes. To produce a white wine with these grapes there must be no contact with the skin. If there is brief contact the wine will be rosé and if there is prolonged contact the wine will be red.


    Red grapes with coloured pulp

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  2. Best Italian White Wines For Summer

    What's better than a glass of chilled Italian white wine sipped in the sunshine?

    Italy's varying climate from the cooler north to the hotter south creates an impressive array of white wines all perfectly suited to al fresco dining.

    Create your own Italian summer with these white wines

    Passerina Brut 'Bakan', Torri Cantine

    This superb organic sparkling wine from Torri Cantine has notes of pear and passion fruit with a hint of citrus and flowers. It has well-balanced acidity whilst being refreshing with a gentle citrus finish. The perlage is fine but persistent.

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