Closures for wine bottles come in many forms but which are the best? Screwcaps have proven a contentious issue amongst many wine enthusiasts but do they serve a purpose?

The Cork Oak

The bark of cork oak is a unique material in that it has microscopic suckers that grip the bottle neck making it ideal for sealing glass bottles.

It’s impervious to liquids, does not react with wine, and does not rot. However, cork can be affected by weevils and fungi which leads to a wine being corked or having a tainted aroma or flavour.

The cork oak grows in the western Mediterranian and Portugal. Its bark is stripped every 12 years but only the fourth, fifth, and sixth strippings produce the highest quality cork. These trees have a lifetime of 150 to 200 years.

Preparing the cork


After stripping the bark in large planks they are left out in the o

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