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  1. How Is Red Wine Made?

    Making Red Wine


    The Basics

    Making red wine is similar in process to producing white wine in that it involves transforming the must into alcohol.

    One of the fundamental differences when making red wine is maceration.

    This is the infusion stage where the colour, tannins, and aromatics of the grape skins and pulp are dissolved in the juice, which gives the wine its colour and character.

    Maceration techniques will vary depending on the grape variety, local traditions, and climate.


    Classic Maceration

    Red grapes are gently crushed and then de-stemmed. The resulting must is transferred into temperature controlled stainless steel or wooden vats. Whilst in these vats the skins and pulp will gradually rise to the top forming what’s called a cap. Over time the colour, tannins, and aromatics within the cap will transfer to the juice, a

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  2. Producing White Wine

    Over the next few weeks we will be looking at wine production techniques.

    Today we’re focusing on the production of white wine.


    Which grapes for which wine?

    Two factors determine if a white, red or rosé is produced: whether the grape does or doesn’t have colourants and the duration of contact between the grape juice (known as must), and the grape solids, including the skin or film. This process of contact is known as maceration.


    White grapes

    White grapes with colourless pulp and skin are always used to produce white wine. Only the must will be used for fermentation without maceration.


    Red grapes with colourless pulp

    Red, white and rosé can be made from these grapes. To produce a white wine with these grapes there must be no contact with the skin. If there is brief contact the wine will be rosé and if there is prolonged contact the wine will be red.


    Red grapes with coloured pulp

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  3. Best Italian White Wines For Summer

    What's better than a glass of chilled Italian white wine sipped in the sunshine?

    Italy's varying climate from the cooler north to the hotter south creates an impressive array of white wines all perfectly suited to al fresco dining.

    Create your own Italian summer with these white wines

    Passerina Brut 'Bakan', Torri Cantine

    This superb organic sparkling wine from Torri Cantine has notes of pear and passion fruit with a hint of citrus and flowers. It has well-balanced acidity whilst being refreshing with a gentle citrus finish. The perlage is fine

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  4. Our Favourite Small Businesses

    As a small, independent business we know how hard it is to get noticed and stand out amongst all the big players so we’ve curated a list of our favourite small businesses both local to us and national to share with you.

    For every business listed below we either personally know the owner or have shopped with them and we’ve been so blown away by their offering that we believe they deserve a mention here.


    Business in South West London


    London’s south west has been our home for over a decade and we wouldn’t swap it for anywhere else. Well...except for Umbria, Tuscany, Sicily…

    There’s a great sen

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  5. Uncovering The Cost Of Wine

    Buying wine and ending up with a bottle you’ll enjoy can always be a bit of a gamble even for those who make it their business, like us, as it’s not always possible to try before you buy so the final choice is often dictated by price.

    The subject of wine prices can be a delicate one and has the ability to make consumers feel patronised on their level of wine knowledge or pressured to buy more expensive bottles for the benefit of the retailer.

    Being both retailers and consumers we are acutely aware of this.

    So, to help you with your wine buying journey, we’re going to take you through some of the tangible elements that make up the cost of the wine you drink so you’re better equipped to make an informed decision next time you’re in the wine aisle.

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  6. How Sparkling Wine Is Made

    Prosecco, Lambrusco, Cava, Champagne.

    There are many sparkling wines but how do those beautiful, effervescent bubbles get there?

    In this blog post we're going to look at the six methods used to make sparkling wine.

    Each method leads to a unique style of sparkling wine.


    The six methods used to make sparkling wine

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  7. 10 Italian Red Wines That Will Improve Your Drinking Forever

    I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

    It’s REALLY hard to choose an Italian red wine.

    With over 100 red grape varieties in Italy the choice can be daunting so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Italian red wines to make choosing easy.

    Discover the 10 Best Italian Red Wines And Their Ideal Food Pairings

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